Commissioner, Panchayat Raj

Commissioner, Panchayat Raj

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              The Department of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, has decided to convert existing Conventional Street Lights into Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting System for Conservation of Energy and for minimizing the maintenance expenditure incurred under Street Lighting head in various Gram Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh.

              Accordingly, G.O Ms. No. 4, Dt. 18.1.2016 was issued. The implementation of LED Street Lighting with CCMS has already been started in 495 villages with NREDCAP as BMC and PMC agency. The CCMS system with Smart call centre integration are also incorporated for uniformity and centralized access to Honourable Chief Ministers Dash Board for monitoring the working of LED system.

The basic features of this scheme are :

1. PPP Project with no Upfront (Down) payment by GPs.
2. Firms to invest the entire Capital Cost.
3. The revenue sharing offered to the GPs through Energy Savings is @ 20%.
4. Re Payment to firms from 80% energy saving on Quarterly terms.
5. Baseline survey and Agreements with respective Gram Panchayat€™s.
6. Implementation of the project in 6 months.
7. Maintenance period of 10 Years after execution.

              The value of the said Project in 495 Villages will be a tune of 300 Cr .The vendors identified by NREDCAP have expressed their willingness to take even more G.Ps in the same districts apart from the 495 G.Ps. The CPR &RD has allotted additional 60 Nos of Temple town and priority G.Ps to NREDCAP for LED convertion .

              Meanwhile, EESL with support of APSEEDCO came forward to support the initiative of the CPR&RD in the Survey, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Energy Efficient Led Street Lights with Fixtures and CCMS integration to the specified 1000 Gram Panchayats ( 10 lakhs Street lights) in Andhra Pradesh including Operation & Maintenance for 10 Years and a Tripartite MOU was entered on 28.1.17 with EESL and APSEEDCO. The value of the said Project in 1000 Villages will be a tune of 350 Cr. The present stage is


⇨ NREDCAP has installed LED street lights in 23 Gram Panchayats on UGADI (29-03-2017) as against 495 Gram Panchayats
⇨ NREDCAP has given consent to install additional 15 Lakhs LED lights in 5000 Gram Panchayats.
⇨ NREDCAP is taking steps to install 5 Lakhs LED lights in 495 + 60 Gram Panchayats.
⇨ The smart Call Centre established in Mangalgiri and has come live and is in testing stage.


⇨ EESL has given consent to install LED lights in Gram panchayats with 70:30 ratio including all charges except IDC.
⇨ IDC should be borne by Gram Panchayats (around Rs.300 per pole) if the brackets, wires and clamps are not available.
⇨ The Draft agreement from EESL is awaited.

The entire process will be monitored and controlled by a Uniform SMART Center. This SMART Center will extend its services to both NREDCAP & APSEEDCO.