Commissioner, Panchayat Raj

Commissioner, Panchayat Raj

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              The State of Andhra Pradesh has started empowering the Panchayats to prepare their own development plans called Decentralized Development Plans in 2014-15. Planning at Gram Panchayat level has been a universal exercise from 2015-16, when all 12920 GPs prepared their plans and implemented with success. Learning from the ground level experiences in 2015-16, the Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh refined the planning process and entered into 10 Subjects during 2016-17. All the action plans details are uploaded in the websites and

              In the process of their working, the Panchayats are actively moving in the direction of reaching Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in 1st to 8th, 13th and 15th by incorporating them in the GPDP 2017-18.



              In continuation of the efforts made during the years 2014 and 2015, the Panchayats have moved into a new era of administration with the establishment of strong District Panchayat Resource Centres (DPRCs) to provide robust capacity building support to Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs). While the RGSA suggested to put in place a lien DPRC with a support of 2 Resource Persons, the Andhra Pradesh Government took a bold decision to strengthen DPRCs with 10 Resource Persons per District on full time regular basis. The Government also applied unique selection criteria involving village immersion and other qualitative tests to select and position suitable Resource Persons.

              Intensive Capacity Building and periodic handholding of PRIs has become possible during 2016 through DPRCs and Mandal Resource Centres (MRCs). The activities front ended through DPRCs are Solid Waste Management, Digital Panchayat, Resource Mobilization, Implementation of GPDP etc., Besides positioning Resource Persons, all the 10 DPRC Buildings sanctioned to the Districts are brought to safe stage, out of which 5 Buildings got completed and put to use. The Resource Persons of DPRCs are initially hand-held by the Faculty of Extension Training Centres (ETCs) and State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU). The Resource Persons are trained suitable to work for tangible results on the ground. Thus, capacity building for bringing behavioral changes in the main stream administration of Panchayats has been successfully demonstrated by DPRCs and MRCs in Andhra Pradesh.

              It is a radical departure from the age old practice of training representatives in Class rooms through traditional training methods and modules. DPRCs and MRCs vigorously carried out hands-on trainings on Solid Waste Management duly taking the Panchayat representatives and Panchayat Functional Committees on exposure to a nearby model Solid Wealth Processing Centres (SWPC).